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God called - you answered, apostle.

Time for transition!

Johannesburg, South Africa - March 23 - 25, 2018

your mandate!

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Your Part to Play in the Prophetic Move
It will no longer be about big prophetic seminars and the "great prophet" with their umpteen revelations, to draw the glory to themselves. Instead, the Lord is establishing the prophet in local churches across the world. To equip, build up and above all, to cause the Bride to fall in love with Her Savior. Click Here to Read More

You Are Loved!

God made you in His image. He created you in love, because of love and for love. Do you realize how passionate the Lord is about you?

Do you know how much He longs to just love you and reveal His heart to you? There is nothing the Lord desires more than to spend time with you and talk to you.

His love is what created you, and it is that same love that saved you from the wiles of the enemy. Love is the greatest force of all.

Love has the ability to heal broken hearts and to set the captives free. The Lord is all about love and as you head into this weekend, remember His passionate love for you.

Romans 8:39 Nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing, will be able to separate us from the [agape] love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

The Lord Jesus is standing right beside you with wide open arms. He wants to help you in whatever it is you are going through, and He wants to use you as a reflection of His nature and love to everyone around you.

Stop for a moment, and just run into His embrace today. Feel that love. Absorb that love, and then share it with those that are around you.

Do you have a brother or sister who is struggling with something? Ask the Lord to love them through you, and you will see a struggle come to an end right in front of your eyes.

Spend some time with your heavenly father today and allow Him to just love on you. There is no greater thing than His tender embrace and fierce love for you.

There is nothing that will set you free more than His touch. Stop striving for something big and super spiritual, and start striving for the fierceness of His love.

That is what I have been learning this week, and so I just wanted to stop by today and share that with you.

May you feel His love like never before and grow in your relationship with the Lord, and in your ministry like never before.

Have a fabulous weekend and be blessed!

With Love,

Denise Jordan
Apostle and Team Leader

Apostolic Movement South Africa

How to Hear the Voice of God Study Kit

Start building your face-to-face relationship with Jesus today!

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