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When in doubt, get involved

In our Pastor Teacher School lesson last night, the Lord gave us a good challenge. We were studying the course, Identifying Today's Pastor. The Lord had each one take a good look at who they are - weaknesses and strengths alike.

As the students were working through their project questions, the topic of "Getting Involved" came up. As we were talking, I could sense the Holy Spirit making a point.

You know, as leaders we can get caught in a trap. We don't want to offend, and we don't want arguments. So we try to be there for people and offer an open ear, but we don't often get into someone's face and get our hands dirty.

Well, guess what - the Church out there needs you to get involved. It should never matter what happens to you - what should matter is that you get up with what God has given you and pour out in love to those around you.

Do you see someone close to you struggling in their marriage? Do you see someone you work with feeling down? Do you see your spouse feeling down every time they come home from work? Do you notice?

If you want to minister and go out there to bring change, it begins with this simple principe - Get involved! Put your own fears, insecurities, and wants on the cross and take a risk to give those around you your heart, and the Lord's love.

So, have you been asking the Lord for ministry opportunities? Have you been asking the Lord for wisdom on what to do? Well, here is your piece of wisdom - when in doubt, get involved!

Go out there and use what God has given you. It doesn't matter how weak or foolish you feel. It doesn't matter how uneducated you may feel. All it takes is a heart of love for God, and for His people, and you meet the requirements.

So, go and get involved this week, and watch those closest to you go through a transformation!

With Love and Blessings,

Denise Jordan
Apostle and Team Leader

AMI South Africa

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A good leader is someone you will follow, even when he makes a mistake.

This is why the role of a pastor is such a high level leadership position. As a pastor, if you do not make the correct decision and fall into a deep dark pit, those people that have been following along behind you, will follow you down into that pit.

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