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The Man Behind the Scenes

I want to share a piece of my heart with you today. That piece of my heart being my Dad, Apostle Craig Toach. Many of you don't know this, but when Ronald and I were sent to South Africa at the beginning of 2014, it was meant to be a three month trip. Well - the fact that I am writing to you today from my desk in our training school in Benoni, shows you that three months turned into relocating to a new home.

I still remember what Dad said to me after he ensured that our suitcases were neatly tucked away in the cars. He said, "Now - don’t go over there and fall in love too much with the country! I still need you here and would like you back, okay?!"

At the time both of us thought it was a bit of a joke... but as our journey progressed, we somehow knew that there was something to that! Well, when the time came and my team and I were stranded in South Africa and had no where to go, Dad was the first to take action. The original plan and the original team we were working with, took a different turn.

We didn't know where to go, and so at a moments notice, he dropped everything. He found money that he really didn't have, and booked himself, my Mom, and his two youngest kids onto a plane to come help us get established here in South Africa. He saw the need we had, and the need you had, and put his life on hold!

He continues to pay that kind of price for his children on a daily basis. Even now, he has sent his two eldest daughters, Deborah and Jessica, to come and assist Ronald and I in the work here. Never before have they been apart as a family for that long - yet he did it because the call of God burns in his heart.

Apart from just always giving up what he needs, he also is such an example of humility and reality to me. Do you know how many hours Ronald and I spent sitting on his bed late at night receiving marriage counseling? Oh yeah - there is no topic that is taboo for my Dad, and he doesn't ever mind getting involved when no one else does.

He sees the gem in us, and is willing to pay any price to bring that gem out. If it means that we spit and spew at him, but the gem comes out nonetheless, he is willing to do that. His love is a true example of the Lord's love to me. Without his example, and the price he continues to pay on a daily basis, none of us, his spiritual children, would be who we are.

And so tomorrow is his birthday. My Dad is such a humble man that he would really much rather just have a braai and spend the day hanging out with those he loves, than really go all out and enjoy his day to the fullest. My family and I are working hard to get him out of the house on his special day, to do something he doesn't always do, and spoil him a bit.

If you would like to join us in spoiling him for that day, you can certainly do so. We want to give you the opportunity to pour into him and bless him as much as he has blessed you with everything he has given.

So this is our invitation to you, to pour into him as much as he has poured into you. Below are the banking details where you can sow your seed of blessing into his life and help get him out of the house and enjoy his day to the fullest.

Even though we don't get to be with him this time around, I know he will just love it to hear from us and you on his special day.

With Love and Blessings,

Ronald and Denise Jordan
With the AMISA Team

Banking Details:

Bank: FNB
Account Number: 62497130882
Name on the Account: Deborah-Anne Toach
Branch Code: 257705
Reference: Craig

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