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A lot of people are really bad at making decisions for the future, did you know that? Even though we know the future is coming, we tend to live our lives either in the present, or stuck in the past.

But here is a radical thought — what if you knew someone who knows what the future holds and who could influence its outcome? Imagine such a person was madly in love with you and wanted to see you blessed to the same degree that your soul is blessed?

How often would you ask this person for wisdom, and how much would the assurance that they know the future, change how you view today?

Well, allow me to let you in on a little secret. You do have such a person in your corner and His name is Almighty God. Sure, you know in your head that He knows the future, because He is God.

However, do you know that in your heart? Do you believe that you can approach Him and ask Him for wisdom? He knows what is going to happen in your life six months from now or six years from now.

The way that He influences the future, is by giving you wisdom on what to do so you can best position yourself for the future.

For example, when the Lord revealed through the prophet Agabus that there was going to be a famine that would affect the church in Jerusalem, it wasn’t just an FYI.

He didn’t give that information just so they knew a famine was coming. He gave it so that they could do something about it, and so they did. All the churches took up a collection for food money, and when the famine came, the church thrived.

Now that is an extreme example. Maybe in your case, God knows that in a few months you will have a large bill coming up, and so maybe He might tell you to save a particular amount of money.

You might not always know why God is telling you what to do, but if you know that He knows the future, and He wants to position you in the best way possible, then just trust Him and rest in His foresight.

This is an incredible heritage that God has given the Church that we need to make more use of. Businessmen around the world wish they had someone to give them this wisdom. In fact, they struggle to keep ahead and to see what is going to happen.

When all along, the Word says that God gives wisdom to all who ask Him. Today take time to seek God for wisdom for everything in your life. Then, after you have applied that wisdom, rest in the loving foresight of your heavenly father!

May you be very blessed,

Ronald Jordan
Apostle and Team Leader

A.M.I South Africa

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