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Called to Succeed
May this word be the wind beneath your wings. "Come to me all you who are heavy laden. Did I not create a road in the desert and a river in the wilderness? My Child, look to Me, so I can be your source of blessing... Click Here to Read More

The Truth About Demons!

I had to laugh and cringe all at the same time the other day. Someone had posted on Faceboook that apparently a lady got demon possessed from watching a movie. According to the post, the demon came straight from the movie screen into her.

It made me laugh because, tell me - where in the Word does it say that we get possessed like that?

It made me cringe because there are Christians out there who walk around in fear of the enemy. They think he can just attack them and snatch them away at any time...

That is NOT the truth. No demon in hell can decide to jump on you. If you are born again and Jesus lives in your heart, the devil can't just decide to come and have some fun with you. That right was revoked out of his hands the day Jesus died on the cross.

I am sick and tired of the show and drama that is going on in the Church. It is time to bring a revolution and to equip God's people with some spiritual discernment.

It's time to bring balance about what a demon can and cannot do in a believer's life. It is time to get clarity on what angels are really meant to be doing for us.

It's time for you to understand your position in Christ and to fully walk in the victory He won for you at Calvary.

So, to kick start this revolution, we have put together the Spiritual Discernment Workshop Kit just for you.

Read the following lines carefully as I want to make sure you are the first to get this kit into your hands.

Built from a compilation of Apostle Colette's best teachings about spiritual warfare and spiritual discernment, you will hold a workshop in your hands that will change your life forever.

You will learn:

• All about angels and demons - who is who and who does what
• How to infiltrate the enemy's camp and take him down from the inside
• How to discern what is of God and what is not
• How to build a solid relationship with the Lord and know His voice from any other

We will launch this workshop into the Church on Thursday, June 23 as it becomes available for pre-order on our bookshop.

Shipping will then begin on Monday, June 27. So if you want to be the first to have your life changed, pre-order your workshop kit, starting Thursday, June 23. Feel free to phone in your order at 071-056-6321 or 010-500-8320.

For R1,100, I promise you will hold every tool under the sun in your hands and will have what you need to discern the spirit and be a successful leader.

Let's revolutionize the Church, shall we?

With Love and Blessings,

Denise Jordan
Apostle and Team Leader
Apostolic Movement South Africa

Cell Phone: 071-056-6321
Landline: 010-500-8320
WhatsApp: 071-056-6321

Office Hours: Tuesday - Friday (08h00 - 17h00)
Office Address: 4 Main Road, Farrarmere, Benoni, Gauteng 1501, Office #3

The Spiritual Discernment Workshop Kit

A Product Sneak Peek for You

The Spiritual Discernment Workshop Contains:

1. Prophetic Counter Insurgence (Printed book)
This book will supply you with the arms to turning the tables on the enemy. Infiltrate his camp and take him out from the inside!

2. Spiritual Discernment (E-Book) - Brand NEW!
This is your map to detecting the spiritual realm - the essentials from our best selling books!

Strategies of War DVD Set

The kingdom of darkness is just that, a "kingdom". There is a structure, there is a hierarchy, and there are cracks in the wall surrounding it. Those cracks are strategic spots that we can use for the Lord’s advantage... if used correctly.

1. Message 1: The Stain of Sin - Overcoming Curses
It's time to clean house. Through this message, you will be sweeping and sealing the enemy from your house in no time!

2. Message 2: Tearing Down Strongholds - Removing Satan's Power
Over the years, the enemy has been proficient at building strongholds in your life. It's time to learn the truth of Satan’s tactics and take him down to topple his city.

3. Message 3: Spiritual Warfare - Rules of Engagement
In Christ, you have the upper hand. However, there are a few rules you need to keep in mind as you engage to make the systems of this world rule and reign in your favor.

4. Message 4: Displacement Warfare - Taking the Land
The most powerful weapon to keeping the enemy from coming back is not necessarily found in shouting endlessly at his demons! The power is found in displacing the enemy's work with God's!

4x MP3 Messages

1. God's Word for 2016
2016 is your year of promise and miracles. Learn how to fight in faith for the fulfillment of each promise! It's time to rule and reign!

2. Persistent Prayer - Angels at Work
Have you ever wondered why some of the prayers the Lord said yes to have still not come to pass? In this teaching, you will learn how to put the angels to work for their purpose.

3. Dream Interpretation by the Spirit
Dream interpretation is simpler than you think! It's not this big spiritual myth. Receive the tools to decode the Lord's messages to you!

4. Angels and Demons
A comprehensive but powerful message about angels and demons. After hearing this teaching, you will never be in the dark again as to who is who, and what to do!

Bonus Memory Stick

As a bonus to you, we will load all of the downloadable products (E-Book and Mp3s) in this kit on a 8gig Memory Stick.

This memory stick will be shipped to you, along with the Prophetic Counter Insurgence book, and the Strategies of War DVDs.

Product Cost: R1,100

Pre-Order Begins Thursday, June 23
Shipping Begins Monday, June 27

Questions? Feel free to call, or WhatsApp - 071-056-6321 or 010-500-8320

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