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Called to Succeed
May this word be the wind beneath your wings. "Come to me all you who are heavy laden. Did I not create a road in the desert and a river in the wilderness? My Child, look to Me, so I can be your source of blessing... Click Here to Read More

I used to struggle with guilt so much, I tell you. I would feel guilty about not doing things that weren't even my responsibility to take care of. You know what the worst thing is? At first, I didn't even get it that I was battling with guilt.

I excused it with the fact that I am a leader. When you are a leader, everything is your fault, right? Yes and no! That's a whole other topic that I won't go into right now. We can talk about that another time. Or, if you really want to talk about leadership and get me on my soapbox, give me a call (smile).

Anyways - the point is, I was bogged down with false guilt so much that often I wouldn't go to sleep at night.

I would think, "Oh my, I messed this up and wasn't there for that person... What about this other thing where I just didn't do what the Lord asked of me?"

At first, it all seemed noble, but really what I was doing was sinning and allowing the enemy a wide open door in my life.

Guilt is one of those nasty strongholds of the enemy in our lives. Along with fear and bitterness, those are some of the biggest open doors the enemy sneaks in through in your life.

So what do you say you uproot those nasty strongholds in your life? Are you tired of always feeling under something? It's time for you to stay on top of things and allow the Holy Spirit to be in charge!

My spiritual mom has been receiving such powerful revelation from the Lord about this very topic. So if you have battled with guilt, fear, and bitterness and tried to pray and stand against the enemy but still haven't gotten a breakthrough, you need to hear her latest message called, Tearing Down Strongholds - Removing Satan's Power

I tell you what - after I heard that message, the enemy ran out my front door with running shoes on. So if you want to see the same thing in your life, go ahead and get this downloabale Mp3 message. Get it from our bookshop at:

I know - we are writing you about so much good news each week. It must be you putting out your faith for answers! You see, when you put out your faith, the Lord answers and gives us revelation as to what His people need. Apostle Colette has been getting so much revelation... I promise you, there is more to come.

For now, let's join hands and get the devil running, shall we?

With much Love,

Denise Jordan
Apostle and Team Leader

AMI South Africa

The Prophetic Foundation Course Weekend School (Mar 27-28 2015)

Take the next step in your call!

Learning how to flow in the gifts is easy. Seeing a vision is for every believer. What then separates the true prophets of God from anyone with a prophetic ministry? Come and find out at our weekend school.


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