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Called to Succeed
May this word be the wind beneath your wings. "Come to me all you who are heavy laden. Did I not create a road in the desert and a river in the wilderness? My Child, look to Me, so I can be your source of blessing... Click Here to Read More

Praying You Are Blessed

As a dad, there is nothing more exciting than seeing my children get excited about something. Whether this be a toy or a spiritual desire, the excitement it releases is contagious.

When I think of you, I cannot help but feel the same, and my strongest desire is to see you get the desires of your heart.

That is why the closest thing I could think of was a bi-annual sale. In my mind, I could see you checking out the awesome products on our bookshop and desiring to get your hands on them.

Well, I am excited to let you know it is happening, and you can have your heart's desires.

Right now, our bi-annual sale is on, and that means you get half-off on all e-products.

Now, as one of our South African customers, I have a little secret for you. Colette and I have not had a South African Christmas in 17 years, and to celebrate this, we are giving you a 25% discount on selected materials. That is only for you - outside of SA, you will not see this blessing.

That is why I know, even though it is the peak of summer, your Christmas just got a whole lot better!

That is why I am not going to keep you any longer... head on over to our bookshop and see what blessings await you -

Much love and blessing to you and... Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

Craig Toach
Apostle and Spiritual Father
Apostolic Movement International


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How to Hear the Voice of God Study Book Set

Relationship is what knowing Jesus is all about. If you do not know how to hear the Lord's voice though, how will you truly get to know Him? Knowing the Lord is not just about understanding the principles of the Word. It is about coming to understand His character.


Sale ends Dec 31

The Way of Dreams and Visions E-Book

The Lord is Giving You a Message in Your Dreams! It's crazy, but true - everyone dreams. But you already knew that. But did you know that everyone is able to have visions too? Dare to test it for yourself.


R182.50 Sale ends Dec 31

Prophetic Essentials Book

Finding the Way to Prophetic Office! In this book, you will find out that the call of the prophet goes far deeper than the functions and duties that the prophet fulfills. Anyone flowing in prophetic ministry can carry out tasks similar to the prophet.


Sale ends Dec 31

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