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Married Couples - This One is For You!

I don't know about you, but I have seen a trend. The enemy is on a big assignment at the moment. His assignment is: take down the church, one marriage at a time. Well, I am pretty mad about that, and I don't want this to happen. So, let's give the enemy a boot, and change that around, shall we?

Our mission - counter the enemy's assignment. How? Well... that's where it gets real. We are going to counter his assignment by getting down and dirty and we are going to talk about your sex life.

Sex is about so much more than the actual act. It's about intimacy, and it's about a covenant act that God instituted. Sex and sexuality is a gift God gave us, and unfortunately many have misunderstood the true and pure purpose of it.

Well, Apostles Craig and Colette are about to fix that problem for you. A little while ago, the Lord had them teach on this very subject at gathering at our headquarters in America. Today, as we were talking about what the Church here needs, the Lord gave them the go ahead to release two messages that were taught at this gathering.

The two messages, in the set called: The Marriage Oasis are:

1. The Marriage Island
2. The Marriage Bed

We want each marriage to have the passion and also the unity God designed it to have. If you want that passion and unity back, then get your hands on those two teachings. As we speak, we are putting this awesome CD set together for you.

I am just going to say one thing about these teachings - they will change you forever! You will find the true purpose of your marriage, and you will find that island with your spouse.

Because let’s be honest guys... if you are a leader in the Church, the pressures are on you twenty-four hours a day. You carry the load of the churches on your shoulders constantly.

Yes, you can always escape into the Lord's arms to find your strength, but the Lord also gave us another way to escape. That way is your marriage. He created this covenant as a gift from Him to us, because He knew the struggles and pressures life would bring with it.

So, if you are ready to know how to handle all the things that are coming at you daily correctly, and also have an awesome marriage that will withstand the wiles of the enemy, then you truly need to get down and dirty and join Apostles Craig and Colette as they speak about these taboos.

You can can pre-order the Audio CD set at:

If you can't wait for the CDs to get to you, the downloadable Mp3 version is available to you today at:

And then, please also know that we are there for you as you work through the teachings. At the end of each teaching, they will give you a practical project to do. So when you get to the point of doing those projects, and you suddenly hit some difficulties or things are coming up, please don't hesitate to get a hold of us.

Our phone lines are open from 08h00-17h00 Monday - Friday. We have one mission - to dismantle the enemy's attempt to destroy the church like this! So please, never hesitate to get a hold of us and have a chat on the phone, or even set up a live ministry appointment with us.

Let's restore the gift God has given us in marriage, and then change the Church together, shall we?

I look forward to seeing your passion restored, and the mighty warriors I know you and your spouse are to rise up and take this land by storm!

In His Love,

Denise Jordan
Apostle and Team Leader
Apostolic Movement South Africa

P.S. In fact, I would love to assist you with your order over the phone. That way we can get to know each other a bit better, and we can rejoice in the miracles God is about to work in your marriage.

So don't hesitate to phone in your order at 071-056-6321! I look forward to hearing your voice!

Come and join us for our...


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