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Your Part to Play in the Prophetic Move
It will no longer be about big prophetic seminars and the "great prophet" with their umpteen revelations, to draw the glory to themselves. Instead, the Lord is establishing the prophet in local churches across the world. To equip, build up and above all, to cause the Bride to fall in love with Her Savior. Click Here to Read More

It is Time to Wrestle...

I was listening to a teaching by my spiritual brother, Nathan Berry, the other day. Something he shared, just seemed so fitting to what I see happening in many believers' lives today.

Everywhere I go I hear stories like, "Oh, and this spirit came to attack me."

"This witch released a word against me and unleashed her powers and now I am battling all these spirits. It's terrible!"

"The warfare is so heavy here. We have to constantly plead the blood!"

Well, check out this scripture:

Ephesians 6:12 For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against authorities, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high [places].

So, it says that you must wrestle. Ever seen a wrestling match? There is a whole lot of pushing out the way and strong-arming going on.

So... how about you learn to stop "fighting" and "screaming" with the enemy, and just start wrestling with him by just putting him in his place? Put him under your feet where he belongs. Wrestle him to the ground where he belongs.

You don't have to exhaust yourself for hours doing warfare. All you need is some clarity, good teaching, and a whole bunch of wisdom as to how to come against him. You need some strategies of war!

The principle my brother shared there and that I just highlighted for you here, is but one powerful truth in putting the enemy in his place. There is more though.

The most powerful of them all is that Jesus already won the victory and there is no need for you to constantly fix your eyes on the works of the enemy.

So, are you ready to strategize? Are you ready to become a warrior for Christ and squash the wiles of the enemy?

Apostle Colette has come out with a new series that will help with just that. It's called, Strategies of War. Click on the link below and check it out.

I tell you one thing for certain - After working through those teachings your life and ministry will never be the same again!

I look forward to hearing from you and speak the Lord's abundant blessing on you.

In His Love,

Denise Jordan
Apostle and Team Leader

A.M.I. South Africa

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Address: 4 Main Road, #3, Farrarmere Benoni, 1501
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Strategies of War

A downloadable Mp4 Series guaranteed to bring victory to your life!

Check it out NOW

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