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I am texting Jesus!

There I was at home, sitting in my comfy chair, typing away avidly on my iphone (my favorite digital device, mind you) when my husband walked into the room to talk with me. He didn't want to interrupt so he asked if I was busy having a conversation with someone.

I said, "Actually, yes! I'm texting Jesus!" It was a funny but true thought.

One of my favorite ways to hear from the Lord is journaling. I pour out my heart to Him in writing and then write what I hear from Him. I have enjoyed this from a young age, and it is only recently that I switched from writing with an actual pen on paper to this app on my phone now.

Being the reader and journaler that I am, this was hard for me to switch over to doing these things digitally. I loved my hard copy books and leather bound journals! On the other hand, I also love simplicity. I started to notice the ease of not needing physical space to hold my reading materials and journals.

It may have taken me some time to change (too much time, I must say), but I did! I could not stay in my comfort zone forever, or I would not move on and learn new ways. I can tell you that it is worth it that I decided to go with the digital revolution!

Because I know this from experience, I want you to take part too. I know that it will be even more worth it for you because you will not do it "just now" like I did but jump on board "now now".

So, the first step for you is to check out the new articles section in our bookshop called, "How Digital Media is Changing the Church" and "Digital Revolution – Get on Board!" at:

Hey, if I can do it, so can you!

In His Love,

Sarah Dusek
Minister and Team Member
A.M.I South Africa

P.S. Remember, if you add a jump drive to your digital order, we will ship it to you loaded with the materials you purchased! (You ALSO get to download your products right away!)

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