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Head over heels..

I was so excited to watch the Embrace Your Destiny seminar this weekend via live stream. If you weren't there, the AMI team brought forth some awesome teachings that called us prophets to accountability!

While there is a lot I could say about the preaching, for me, the most memorable part was during the praise and worship. You may not know it from our intense demeanors, but we prophets are big softies inside.

We are hopeless romantics in an unending love affair with Jesus and our mission is to have you catch the same fire.

I'll never forget the first time I met the Lord Jesus face to face in vision. It totally changed the way I viewed the Lord. See before, I knew that Jesus loved me (He died for me after all), and I even could hear Him speak to me just fine. Yet somehow He felt emotionally distant. He was God up there. He was to be worshiped and obeyed and loved with reverence.

But when I first saw His face, I realized how Jesus truly is both God and man, the visible image of the invisible God. I also realized that He wanted to have a real, intimate relationship with me. He didn't just want my love from afar but wanted to bring me into a secret place where it was just Him and me. In short, He wanted to be my heavenly bridegroom and sweep me off my feet.

This weekend during the praise and worship the Lord reminded me of these things again, and I realized how often we strive to please Him in all the wrong ways. We try hard not to sin. We try to work hard and do a good job and be a good witness when what He cares about most of all, is having a love affair with you!

I was reminded of what the Word says about how you can give all your possessions to the poor, and give your body to be burned as a martyr, but if you don't have love, you don't have anything. It's awesome to fulfill the call of God, but your first call is to love Him and be loved by Him.

I just want to encourage you today, to cease your striving. To stop trying so hard to earn His favor and His blessing. The Lord Jesus has already given you those things.

You see, the greatest thing about the face-to-face relationship with the Lord, is that you have everything you need right at the doorstep of your heart! Having a face-to-face relationship with the Lord isn't about getting everything right, being perfect, or even knowing what to do. It's about spending time with Him, in Him.

Come on, when is the last time that you just spent an hour telling the Lord how much you love Him and how much He means to you? And when is the last time you just idly spent time in His presence listening to Him tell you how much He loves you?

If you've ever been head over heals in love with someone, you will know what it feels like to just want to be with someone. You talk for hours, you don't even have to go anywhere. You are so content to be with one another. It is the same with the Lord.

If you have been wanting to know the Lord better, to hear His voice better, then the secret is love. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in making sure we don't get into deception, or that we fulfill our calls, but at the end of the day we were made to enjoy Him and for Him to enjoy us.

If you want a starting point, it starts so simply. Get into a place where you are alone. Then just start talking to the Lord, but don't make your problems and your questions the focus. Rather talk to the Lord about how much you love Him, and how great He is. Then, quieten your heart, and listen for his reply back to you. Just allow Him to be in charge and He will lead you into the secret place that He has just for the two of you!

I hope you are inspired to run away and be with the Lord. I know when you put your relationship with Him first, He will give you what you need to handle everything else in your life!

In His Love,

Ronald Jordan
Apostle and Team Leader
Apostolic Movement South Africa

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