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Grab hold of your compass

When I spent time in prayer the other day, just seeking the Lord and hearing what's on His heart, He showed me such a precious picture.

He told me, "My child, my peace is like a compass placed upon your heart. Not only will my peace and rest show you the right direction to go in, but it will be like a shield around your heart, to protect it from the attacks of the enemy!"

This word meant so much to me. It set me free and gave me the right outlook on the storms I was facing.

As a leader in the church, you take care of a lot of things on a daily basis. You have to take care of people's hearts and of the vision God burnt on your heart. When you have so much going on, it's so easy to lose focus and to just start running.

I am here today to tell you to come to peace! Enter into His rest. Do what it says in the Word, and labor therefore to enter into His rest so that the peace of God can guard your heart!

Allow His peace to become your compass, and head in the direction your compass shows you to run in.

Know that we are here for you if there is anything you need assistance with. Perhaps you are struggling to find that peace, and just need some assistance and teaching. We are right here. Feel free to give us a call, send us a Whats App, or write us a letter, okay?

Right now, we are planning many different things. Like Ronald and I shared with you last week, Apostles Craig and Colette Toach are about to shake the ground here in South Africa. They will be here from February 19 - March 22. If you missed those details, please go here to read:

Also, for all the prophets out there, we are offering all our training manuals at 20% off right now. If you are an already registered student in our school, or if you are feeling the call to become one - this offer lasts till February 2. So, hurry and grab hold of your call! Call us at 071-056-6321 for details.

Ronald and I are also preparing the launch of a new LIVE prophetic class. The first session will be this coming Saturday, February 4 at 13h00. If the Lord has called you to be a prophet - it's time to be counted. If you live in Johannesburg, then it's time to sign up. For details, go here:

With that said, allow His peace to be your compass, and we will talk again really soon.

With Love and Blessings,

Denise Jordan
Apostle and Team Leader

AMI South Africa

Cell Phone: 071-056-6321
Landline: 010-500-8320
WhatsApp: 071-056-6321


Office Hours: Monday - Thursday (09h00 - 17h00)
Office Address: 4 Main Road, Farrarmere, Benoni, Gauteng 1501, Office #3

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