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Address AMISA University

4 Main Road, Office #3
Benoni (Farramere), 1501

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AMISA Upgraded

Back in 2014, Apostolic Movement International sent four of our most experienced ministers to South Africa to start a work because God had told us that the people were hungry for spiritual nourishment, and the land needed to be taken.

You have very much been a part of the movement that we began here in SA, and today, that work has grown and matured into something amazing.

However, God has begun a new work, a new movement, and has told us it is time to enter into a new season of ministry - it is time AMISA University becomes more available to you.

We will be rearranging our office into a “library/cafe”, where you can purchase any tea, coffee, and snacks at our coffee bar while you browse our library.

As of today, new work hours have been implemented (details below), and our doors will be open for you to “pop-in” for a cup of tea or coffee, where some of our ministers will be on hand to answer any questions you may have, offer ministry or counsel, or even fellowship.

Join us every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for Bible study hour (details below), where we will watch any of the latest teachings from our AMI headquarters, or focus on what the word of God has to tell us from our usual Bible studies.

If you are a student, we invite you to come by and take advantage of our book and video library, where you can fill your spirit with all the meaty teachings AMISA University has to offer.

It is a work in progress, and as you can imagine, quite hectic!

However, in order to get this vision moving forward, AMISA University is going to need couches, coffee tables, a NESPRESSO machine, carpets, and many other bits and pieces that make a library or cafe feel comfortable and welcoming.

For this, we need your help - if you have any recommendations of anywhere to purchase any furniture, coffee machines, or carpets, please give us a shout.

Also, if you have any furniture or equipment (in good condition) you would like to donate to AMISA University’s new café, feel free to WhatsApp us with a picture of what you want to donate so that we can see if it fits with the space we have.

You can contact us during our new work hours, using one of the options below!

Become a part of the vision, and we look forward to welcoming you to our new “library,” sharing a good cuppa, and getting to know you in person soon.

With Much Joy and Blessing,

Philip and Anja Sager
Apostles and Team Leaders
AMI South Africa

PS: Here are those details we promised:

New Work Hours:

10h00 to 18h00 Tuesday - Saturday

Bible Study Hour:

Tuesday – 15h00
Wednesday - 15h00
Thursday - 15h00

Contact Info:

Address: 4 Main Road, Office#3, Farrarmere, Benoni 1501

WhatsApp: +27 71 056 6321
Calling our Landline: +27 11 849 78 69


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