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'N Boer Maak 'n Plan!

Since the day I have arrived in South Africa almost a year ago, I have learned many things!

A lesson that one of my new found friends taught me upon landing in South Africa has really impacted me! It all lies in one of my new favorite sayings, "'n boer maak 'n plan!"

Conditions such as load shedding, water shedding, and internet interruptions, although new to me at the beginning, have now become an opportunity to be stretched and figure out solutions.

If one thing does not work... try another!

So as we look at the hindrances we face, we do not slow down. Rather, we say, "Satan, you get behind me in Jesus' name!" We are moving forward whether the enemy likes it or not! With that being said, we are going to use the technology we have to get the word out there!

We are going to begin providing more in ebooks and MP3 messages to accomplish this! This move will save you money as you will see we do not have import duties and huge shipping cost that we have to pass on to you when you buy a hard copy book from us. So if there are interruptions with the postal service... YOU CAN STILL GET YOUR MATERIALS!

We now have jump drives (memory sticks) available in our bookshop to assist you in getting the materials you need. When you purchase an ebook from our bookshop, it will come to you in PDF format. We have not restricted our PDF's so that you can print them out!

This is truly a winning situation for you! Not only do you get the books you desire at a lesser cost, but you can make your own hard copy to mark up and make your own!

So let's maak 'n plan and bring change to the Church, shall we? I know you are on board, so let's do this! And, while we are at it, I would like to work on my Zulu and Afrikaans as well! :)

In His love and grace,

Kelly Dusek
A.M.I.S.A. Bookshop Manager

P.S. Remember, if you add a jump drive to your digital order, we will ship it to you loaded with the materials you purchased! (You ALSO get to download your products right away!)

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