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Prophetic Boot Camp

For it is in the training of the prophet that he begins to realize that all of his scrapes and bruises along the way are the very thing that the people will be able to identify with.

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Practical Prophetic Ministry

Your GPS into Prophetic Training
Learn more about what a prophet is

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Called to Succeed
May this word be the wind beneath your wings. "Come to me all you who are heavy laden. Did I not create a road in the desert and a river in the wilderness? My Child, look to Me, so I can be your source of blessing... Click Here to Read More

Welcome to AMI South Africa!

Transition to Apostolic Office Workshop
October 25-27
Our next workshop in Chesapeake, Virginia is not "just another apostolic workshop".

No... our workshops include the following for every person that attends:

  • Practical team projects between teaching
  • Personal prayer and direction
  • Personal prophecy and impartation from the Apostles
  • Personal Release and Decree (opening and closing doors on your behalf)
  • Fellowship with like-minded leaders
  • We connect and build relationships with each one

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A place where you can grow into your fivefold ministry calling and walk it out with like-minded believers.

Our Story

Sometimes, when you come across a website, you don’t really know the whole story behind how they got there. So, allow me to take you on a small time travel trip back to 1998 when a young South African couple boarded a plane with their two small children to travel all the way to Mexico for the work of the ministry.

For several years, the Lord had them in the proverbial “backside of the desert” where they were trained to be the apostles they are today.  Over the next decade, the Lord did amazing things, and Apostolic Movement International was founded in the USA.

That young couple was Apostles Craig and Colette Toach, the leaders and spiritual parents of a thriving international ministry. With many students and partners around the world, they never lost that special place in their heart for the country of their birth.

Having known Apostles Craig and Colette for well over a decade, I have been privileged to see them rise up to have the platform they do today. I first got to know them when I became a student in our schools. Then, as the Lord drew me closer, they became my mentors, and now, my spiritual parents. 

The thing that most people don’t know about AMI is that we are all about teamwork and constantly going to the next level. Just as any parent wants to see their children surpass them, that is the heart that beats in this ministry. It’s not enough that you just know what we know. We want you to take it to the next level!

With that in mind, a ministry opportunity arose in early 2014. They sent a team of four of us to South Africa for a three-month trip. Well, that’s what it was supposed to be. The purpose was clear — to see the prophetic movement here take off in the right direction that God has for it. 

But, pretty soon after we landed, we realized that due to the scope and breadth of the work God had for us to do, we needed to move here permanently. 

While it was difficult on both sides to make the move, the Lord has since knitted South Africa in our hearts. This country is our home, and we are busy implementing the mandate that we received from them. The team has since changed, but our heart and our mandate has not. What are we here for?

Our vision is really simple. It is to provide you with the teaching and training you need to prepare for your fivefold ministry calling. We also want to provide you with the partnership and resources to make your ministry a success. 

We are tired of seeing believers with potential stuck in a rut simply because they don’t know how to do the passion that burns in them. We are tired of seeing those with potential rejected because no one knows what to do with them.

We have been where you are. Each one of us here have gone through training and know what it takes for you to go from where you are to where you want to go. 

If you are hungry to find your place and walk in it, then you’ve come to the right place. So who are you exactly, and how can you get started in walking out your calling?

Teaching & Encouragement

What does a prophet look like? How do you know if you are called to a certain ministry? How long does your training last? 

If you are anything like us, you had a lot of questions when you first became aware of your calling. But, finding answers wasn’t always so easy. 

Well, it didn’t come easy for us either, but the Lord has given us a lot to share with the Body of Christ through study, experience, and revelation.

Whether you need teaching on the apostolic ministry or how to deal with fear, we have a wealth of teaching available at our AMISA Bookshop.

If you need spot-on encouragement and the latest news from AMI South Africa, then you can sign up to hear from us by email. Just enter your email in the box to the right and choose what information you want to hear from us. Don’t worry - we hate spam. We will never share your email address with anyone else.

Also, you can come back here to this website frequently to check out our recent blog posts to check out the latest news and encouraging articles from the AMI South Africa Team.


Gaining knowledge about your call is so important, but what everyone needs sooner or later is a trainer who can take you by the hand and help walk you through things you don’t know yet.

If you could reach the goal by yourself, you would have done so already. But, everyone reaches a point where you need help to make progress. You need someone who has done what you want to do. This is our passion, and we have two ways to help you out here.

If you know that you know that God has called you to be a prophet, then our Prophetic Training School is the place for you. This school was built for prophets by prophets. We know the road you have walked, and this school is to help you get from the starting line to standing in the fullness of prophetic office.

Our other training school, The Fivefold Ministry School, also covers the prophetic ministry. However, as the name says, it is all about the entire fivefold ministry - not only the training that each fivefold minister goes through, but also how to fulfill your function in the Church.

Going through ministry training is like going to the gym. You can make a lot of progress on your own, but you need a trainer if you are serious about really taking off. That’s what we are here for! To get you to where you want to go.


We are not a denomination. Rather, God has put it in our hearts to start a movement. The bonds that hold this movement together are not paper and ink but relationships. 

Our idea of partnership is really friendship on a ministry level. We want to be there to invest into your ministry and give you the backing you need to see it succeed.

It takes a lot of courage and conviction to start a ministry from nothing but the promise God’s given you. We know from firsthand experience how that is. But, you don’t have to do it alone. We want to help you in every way we can. To find out more, check out our Friends of AMI program.

In closing, this is not just a website. It is a platform to develop relationships. We are based in the Benoni area. You are welcome to contact us and set up an appointment to visit us live if you like. Our mandate is to help you fulfill yours. So let’s get started!